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The Results Speak for Themselves

"The Wheel of Life has kept me on a higher frequency, which has helped me to be more receptive to God's light. This beautiful gold pendant with its precious stones provides a constant flow of positive energy throughout and around my body. I don't react to stressful situations the way I used to as I am much more calm and level-headed. Since I've been wearing this pendant my life has been so much more joyful and powerful!"
- Mary Freeman, President, Lifetech Services

The Wheel of Life is the only healing pendant on the market today which can shield against the intrusion of other people's negative energy, as well as, assisting in blocking hazardous EMF. The Wheel can raise vibrational frequencies and can also reduce pain, muscle tension and stress.

"The Wheel of Life is the only effective device I have ever used that has had a profound effect on my energy. I was a non-believer before!"
- Joelle Jarvis, Success Coach and Trainer of NLP

"My eight year old son had temper tantrums and complained of headaches several times a week. We tried homeopathic remedies, chiropractic care, acupuncture and other stress reduction techniques with little success. Within hours of Brian wearing the Wheel, he seemed much more calm and alert. He rarely gets headaches now, but when he does, I place the Wheel directly on his head, have him say the Light Invocation three times and the pain vanishes. I felt so helpless before and feel so blessed to have found such an incredible tool."
- Judy Cross, Housewife

"I used to suffer from the fatiguing effects of jet lag due to both long international flights and the discomfort of occasionally being seated next to people charged with negative energy. Since wearing my Wheel of Life I now arrive at my destination feeling alert, refreshed and energized."
- Maria Martone, Writer, Producer

"I have to get another one. I let Mick wear mine, and he won't give it back!"
- Sara Fleetwood, Wife of Mick Fleetwood of the Fleetwood Mac Band

"My stress level is way down. I am never without it."
- Kathy Bartlett, Ph.D.

"I used it on a suicidal client. In fifteen minutes, she was calm and rational."
- Rev. Angel Chavez, California

"I have had an amazing connection with the dolphins and humpback whales and have been swimming with them for the past three years in Maui. After wearing the Wheel, I noticed the energy field was clearer between myself and these amazing creatures. They appeared to be more comfortable because they came closer and swam for longer periods of time with me. The Wheel seemed to eliminate any barriers that could have been between us."
- Susan Kissler, Naturalist, Maui, Hawaii

"The power is awesome. I use it for my healing practice."
- Pauline Pauley, RN

"For more than 20 years, I have sat under fluorescent lights and worked full time with electronic equipment including audio, video and computers. I also wear a pager and talk on the phone many hours a day. I was familiar with the hazardous effects of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field), but never realized how much it affected me personally until I put on the gold Wheel of Life. I now feel so much more alert, focused, clear-headed and energized. Interestingly enough, I no longer have the fatigue and edgy feeling I accepted as a daily part of my life."
- Dean Levin, President, First Class Marketing

"I had pain after having a decayed tooth pulled. I placed the Wheel against my empty tooth cavity. Within minutes the bleeding and pain stopped, and the swelling began to go down."
- James Montague, Sylmar, CA

"I notice a real difference when I don't wear it. It's like an important part of me is missing."
- Michael Long, M.D.

"I used the Wheel on a patient with a thyroid enlarged to the size of a grapefruit. Normal treatment is surgical removal, which the patient didn't want. I used the Wheel and by the next day it was half the size. After a week of daily treatment the thyroid returned to normal size."
- Dr. Velasquez, M.D., Morella, Mexico

"I have become known as the miracle healer at my job."
- J. Miller

"I placed a Wheel on the photograph of my granddaughter, who lives in Arizona. She had a skin allergy so severe she had a rash all over her body and had to wear mittens to keep from scratching herself raw. The next morning I received a call from my daughter. 'Most of the swelling and itching is gone, she said.' She could see it disappear as she watched."
- Mrs. Jean Compton, Costa Mesa, CA

"Being an actor is full of stress. I wear my amulet all the time. I wouldn't be without it."
- Keith DavidK

"It feels so strange not to feel the pressure of other people. It's like a buffer zone keeping that energy away."
- Anne Marie, Diamond, CA

"It worked on me. It's amazing!"
- Ann Chapman, Sales Director, Whole Life Times

"There's definitely a change in my knees. What the hell's in these things?!"
- Airline Passenger

"This is the only piece of jewelry I have ever seen, which goes with any and every type of clothing."
- Pat McMillan, fashion designer for many Hollywood stars

"Since I had first started wearing the gold Wheel of Life medallion, my life was going very well. My business really took off, the people around me became more pleasant, everything in my life was going in a positive direction and I felt great. For three years I wore the medallion on a chain around my neck every day, and aside from enjoying the look of it, and compliments from other people, I never really gave it much thought. It seemed easy just to leave it on all the time and not worry about taking it off and possibly misplacing it. Then one day the clasp on the chain broke. I set it aside for three months until I got around to taking it to a jeweler to get it fixed.

"During that time I was not wearing the medallion, and almost immediately things started going wrong. For the next three months my business fell off and took a dive, I started having upsets with people, problems were piling up, and generally my life was going straight downhill. However, in all that time I did not once connect this downslide with the fact that I was not wearing the Wheel of Life. Surely a piece of jewelry could not be that powerful!

"I finally got the clasp repaired and started wearing the medallion again. Within 24 hours I saw the difference. Everything changed. My business picked up, people started acting friendly again, there were no more upsets, and my life went back on the upswing. Finally I understood what had happened.

"I am a really good test case, because in my line of work as a colon therapist I am constantly exposed to other people's negative energy. I sit there all day long assisting others to rid themselves of toxins and waste products, diseased material and bacteria, and even emotional energy is released on my table. People talk about their issues all the time, and even if they don't, the energy connected with their deepest cellular traumas can often be released in the process of cleansing the colon. No wonder my life was going down the tube! The Wheel of Life clears negative energy, and when I took it off, all those lower frequencies were able to find their way into my life! When I wear the gold medallion the dark energy is transformed into light. It took me three months of not wearing the medallion to find out how powerfully it works. Now I never take it off. The protective field of higher frequencies generated by the Wheel of Life medallion is incredible. If you don't believe it, ask me!"
- Karen Turner, PhD; N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathic Medecine); CCT; HHP (Holisitic Health Practitioner); Nutritionist


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