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Sacred Geometry
  1. Sacred Geometry
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Sacred Geometry

Within the Wheel, a unique kind of science is operating.  It is called sacred geometry.  Scientists know that specific shapes create energy.  The pyramid shape is the most powerful representation of this truth.  Regardless of the material used, whether stone, metal, paper or something else, if one creates a pyramid shape and orients one side to the direction of magnetic North, an energy field is generated. 

Now look at the Wheel, use your imagination and pull up the center stone.  You have just made a hexagon.  Viewed as three dimensional, it becomes a six-sided pyramid, not unlike the tip of a quartz crystal.  Use the mind to connect these seven stones to each other.  You have now created an energy field that is ripe for programming.


The Wheel was developed by DaEl Walker, founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute and a worldwide authority on the use of crystal energy and healing.  DaEl documented 3,000 reported cases of healings with the Wheel.

Symbolism of the Wheel design

The Wheel is designed in the shape of a wheel with six spokes and cast in either silver or gold.  Six red stones sit on the rim of the wheel—rubies with gold, garnets with silver.  An emerald rests at the Wheel’s hub of both. The circular shape of the Wheel, its spokes, the color and type of stones, and the gold or silver used in these pieces all have meaning in the amulet’s purpose.

All of the colors of the rainbow are programmed into the amulet for your immune system to use. The seven stones symbolize the connection to the vibration of the Law of Seven: seven primary colors, seven sound tones, seven chakras and seven spiritual bodies. Red is the most energizing of all colors; it gives the green hub the power it needs for healing. 

The red stones represent blood, life and the joy of living.  Green represents the earth and living plants, symbolizing harmony and balance.  On the color healing scale green is exactly between the hot colors of red, orange and yellow and the cold of blue, indigo and violet. 

The Wheel of Life amulet is a stunning jeweled pendant into which special instructions are programmed, that make it a powerful healing tool. 

Silver represents the feminine, moon, receptive, Yin energy, and, when worn, this amulet balances our innate masculine energy with the feminine. 

Gold is masculine, sun, activating, Yang energy and, when worn, creates balance with our innate feminine energy.

Programming the Wheel

The designer has anchored pertinent subliminal thought forms into the Wheel, which are activated by the wearer’s subconscious mind, as he/she chooses to use them.  These include prayers, chants, mantras, specific thought commands and all the sound tones.  As these thoughts are placed into the Wheel, the stones are activated into a transformer, which changes universal energy into life energy.  The Wheel shape then becomes a doorway through which life energy flows in both directions.  Examples of this programming include a command that creates a protective field of unconditional love, which cancels out the negative emotions of others.  Another is a prayer that stimulates the immune system and directs it to balance all the chakra power centers of the body.  This programming is perhaps the single most important element of the Wheel of Life and is the aspect that makes it such a potent healing tool.

Wearing the Wheel

The Wheel is considered as a biocomputer—a computer that works with biological forces.  Best results are achieved when worn around the neck, resting on the chest near the thymus gland, because the thymus has a close association with the immune system.  When worn in this way, the Wheel stimulates the overall energy field of the body.

Wearing the Wheel stands one in the center of a ball of light that extends out.  The following sensations have been noted by numerous individuals who are working with or wearing the Wheel:

  • General feeling of heat
  • Fingers and toes tingling
  • Warm feeling filling chest and back
  • Energy pulsing up and down legs
  • Calm relaxation

A unique feature that distinguishes the Wheel of Life from all other amulets is that the Wheel is self-cleaning and never has to be recharged.


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