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The breakdown of good health begins when something blocks the flow of energy to human cells, causing some cells to die.  If enough cells die, organs weaken, and the individual feels sick.  Bioenergy, or life force energy, creates a life force orientation of positive emotional energy.  Negative emotions are in disharmony with bioenergy and thus block its positive flow.

But the principles of healing are simple.  A flow of appropriate energy to the cells begins the process that repairs and replaces damaged cells, thus rejuvenating and healing affected organs.  Harmony, balance and overall health are returned to the individual.

The healerís process starts by trying to move through energetic blockages.  This is accomplished in a number of ways that includes the laying on of hands, mental visualization of appropriate healing symbols, the use of crystals and gemstones, color, sound, incense and oils.

The considered best method for healing is the mind connection with the physical tools.  This creates the greatest potency of bioenergy for the most effective results.  The Wheel of Life amulet is possibly the most powerful source of usable bioenergy available anywhere, because it combines into one and unifies the many healing tools.

Some of the factors contribute to blocking the flow of energy:

  • Separation of tissue
  • Broken bones
  • Tumorous growths
  • Chemical toxins
  • Negative emotions

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The Wheel of Life pendulum is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.