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The Wheel and Your Pet

When your dog or cat goes outside and plays in muddy water, what usually happens?  More often than not, it tracks muddy paws right back into the house.  We have to clean them up and make them presentable again.


Did you know that your pet also tracks in unseen discordant energies that are just as “dirty” as those muddy feet?  Our pets are just as open to receiving the effects of EMR, others’ emotional traumas and the attachment of psychic entities as we their people are.

A case in point: Renée was performing her healing techniques with a client by phone when she sensed much dark energy in a field she had just cleared.  Renée asked her client what had just happened in the room where she was.  The client replied,  “Nothing, except that my cat has jumped up on my bed.”  The cat had brought in much discordant energy, which disappeared as soon as some clearing work was done with the Wheel of Life.

In order to shield your precious pet from these energies and keep them from passing them on to their people, you can attach a Wheel to their collars.  Several pet owners have reported their animals seeming to be more balanced and less stressed.

You can also set their food and water container on the Wheel overnight.  The healing charge will be absorbed when ingesting.


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The Wheel of Life pendulum is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.