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The “Tanking Theory”

John Gray, author of the international best-seller, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, addresses the effects of other people’s energy.  He suggests to think of yourself as a normal family member, with a mother, father, brothers and sisters. 


Each of you is resting in your own individual water tank, seemingly isolated.  However, underground, a pipe connects all the tanks together.  Now imagine there’s one member of the family under extreme stress.  And like most family members, he doesn’t handle stress well.  

Here’s what happens: some of the stress, whether anger or fear, is absorbed in that person’s own body, in his own tissues and cells.  But some of it also is pushed down underground into the pipes.  Now it travels into other family members’ tanks, and is absorbed there.

Here’s how it might play out in real life: Imagine Mr. Peevish, a husband and father, at work.  He becomes extremely upset and doesn’t deal with his upset.  He arrives home perturbed.  Mrs. Peevish is peeved herself and snaps at her husband as he walks through the door.  The twins, Fussy and Meanie Peevish, are bickering and edging towards full-on tantrums. 

What’s happening here?  Dad has tanked mom and the kids.  The Wheel of Life amulet will protect you from being tanked.

Has this happened to you?

How negative energy affects you:

You go to a gym and work out hard, expecting those endorphins to kick in and give you a boost, but instead, you emerge feeling battered and bruised? 

At the gym, you were working out next to someone “working off” their negative energy.  Where did it go?  It jumped right onto you.

You goto your favorite restaurant only to wind up depressed and out of sorts?

At the restaurant, you may have been sitting back to back with someone looking good on the outside but feeling sad on the inside, and your auric field drew it in.

You sit absorbed in a feel-good movie but leave feeling bad?

At the movie, any number of people around you could be emitting negative thoughts and emotions for you to absorb.

You try compassionately to help a friend in trouble, then feel all their woes?

When you tried to help your friends, you received their dumping.

A doctor wrote:

“When I began my hospital internship, invariably, when I was finished for the day, I felt a certain lethargy and depression that I didn’t understand.  Certainly, I hadn’t started my day feeling that way.  I always wondered what overcame me.  Then I was introduced to and began wearing the Wheel of Life.  Immediately my own vitality was restored.  I realized then that I had been absorbing a whole lot of other people’s negative energy.  I have felt completely shielded from all outside negative influences with my amulet, and none of my prior symptoms has returned.  Many others have reported to me similar successes.”


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