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Living Pain Free

To use the Wheel of Life for alleviating pain, you need the Wheel of Life amulet, a quartz crystal that fits comfortably in your hand, and The Light Invocation prayer:

 “I invoke the Light of God Within.  I am a clear and perfect channel.  Light is my Guide.”

  1. Notice where in the body you feel pain?  Hold the Wheel of Life in the center of the left hand with the gemstones showing.  Hold the quartz crystal in the right hand with the faceted end pointing toward the fingertips.  It doesn’t matter which direction the crystal points on the body as long as it is correctly oriented in the hand, with the top pointing toward the fingers.  Since the Wheel is round, it does not have to be pointed in any particular direction.
  2. Put the right hand containing the crystal on the opposite side of the body from the pain.  Place the Wheel on the problem spot.  Repeat the Light Invocation prayer three times out loud: I invoke the Light of God Within.  I am a clear and perfect channel.  Light is my Guide.  This prayer activates healing. 
  3. Observe physical sensations.  The Wheel will feel hot and the crystal cold.  Gradually, the cool right hand will warm up.  Then both hands will get hotter.  Within minutes the cells become charged.  Then the heating process shuts off and both hands cool down.  The process normally takes between one and ten minutes.

Remember that pain is simply a signal to tell you that something is blocking the flow of sufficient bioenergy to the cells.  The Wheel provides an inexhaustible flow of bioenergy, capable of dissolving all blockages.  Placing the Wheel of Life on a problem area brings a bioenergy flow of perhaps 50 times what is normal.  The energy charges the cells until the pain signal shuts off and there is balance.  The advent of the Wheel raises healing to new heights.  You will become more effective at releasing pain than you ever imagined.

Other Healing Avenues

  • Distance healing—Place the Wheel on a photograph or the handwriting of someone who is ill and far away.  The healing energy will be transmitted to them instantly and continuously.  Effective for both mental and emotional stress.
  • Animals—Use with your pets as with yourself. 
  • Plants—Charge their water and fertilizer and watch them grow. 
  • Have some fun—Charge a bottle of unopened wine overnight, then compare the taste to uncharged wine.  Your friends will notice the difference.

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The Wheel of Life pendulum is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.