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Electrical Energy

Are you protected from electromagnetic radiation (EMR)? 

EMR comes from high tension power lines, radios, TVs, computers, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, copy machines, faxes, printers, hair dryers and telephones . . . everything powered by electricity.  EMR is invisible, invasive, pervasive, and hazardous to health.


Just because we canít feel EMR waves doesnít mean they arenít affecting us.  Many health problems may result, including chronic fatigue, headaches, jet lag, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormone imbalance, joint pain and cancer.

The Wheel of Life offsets the disruptive weakening effect of EMR by charging the immune system with a continuous flow of high power bioenergy, enough to correct the stress of these magnetic fields.

Can the Wheel be proven to work against EMR?   Simple muscle testing bears out the claims. By muscle testing with and without the amulet, you can prove to yourself again and again that the Wheel of Life provides protection.  This test can be used to see the effects of any electrical or electronic device with and without the Wheel.

  1. Stand a friend next to a source of EMR, such as a telephone, computer or hair dryer.  Have that person extend one arm out, making a fist.  Tell your friend to resist by pushing up with due strength as you push down on the fist, until you reach the point where you  overcome the resistance.  This establishes the muscle strength of the arm.
  2. Now have your friend pick up a phone and place it next to the ear.  Extend the other arm, making a fist.  Now push down on the extended arm and notice how much weaker it becomes. 
  3. Put the Wheel around your friendís neck so that it rests against the chest.  Wait 15 to 30 seconds. 
  4. Repeat the test.  You will be amazed to find, as thousands have, that the personís strength returns, even though the phone is still there as a stress factor. 
  5. As a final test, take off the Wheel while the phone is still against the ear and test again.  You will notice another shift, returning to weakness, in the bodyís energy.  Since we donít want to leave anyone in a weakened state, put the amulet back on. 

Why is EMR harmful? 

Electrical energy creates a surrounding magnetic field, or waveform.  Alternating currents switch back and forth between positive and negative polarities at the rate of 50 or 60 cycles per second.  This switching causes the magnetic fields to pulse.  The human immune system recognizes this pulsing as stress, and it uses its energy to counter it, often robbing other parts of the body of their own fair share of energy.


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The Wheel of Life pendulum is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.