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About Renée

Renée is a gifted healer, often called the healer’s healer by many doctors and therapists who send to her their hard core cases.  Working with her clairvoyant link to spirit, Renée uses a profound, silent healing technique to penetrate deeply into cellular levels to release lifetimes of unwanted memoriesShe can lift and release both real and imagined blocks from the physical body and from its surrounding energy field. 

“The Wheel of Life is the perfect companion to my healing practice. I have found that once I have raised my clients into higher vibrational frequencies and cleared them of negative energy, their wearing of the Wheel provides them with ongoing, long-term stability.”

- Renée Ilene Swisko, Spiritual Healer, Trust in Miracles

Renée has a deep commitment to her vision of seeing all people realize the miracle of who they really are – to see them living their lives in the spirit of pure, positive energy, with unconditional love and abundance and in perfect harmony with All God’s Creation.  And always, always accessing their full potential.

In Renée’s words:

    “I have been a spiritual healer for 30 years.  My goal has always been to empower people toward their higher spiritual growth.  To me, part of that means freeing them from dependency on my services.

    In the past, when I did healing sessions, my clients would have tremendous success in clearing negative energy, but often this clearing was not long-lasting because of the constant presence and input of negative forces.  They would have to keep coming back for more.  And they were always asking me, ‘How do I stay clear?’  I would tell them to focus on the Light or invoke their spiritual guides and angels and ask for protection, among other methods.  But what I realized is that when one is vulnerable and under stress, they do not always think about what to do to shield themselves.  They are too busy dealing with the current problem.

    When I discovered what the Wheel could do, I immediately felt that this tool was a perfect companion for my work.  I could perform my healing session with an individual, then that person could use the amulet to provide automatic clearing from there on in.

    I’ve had enthusiastic confirmation of this theory from many of my clients who have reported back to me that they have maintained long term, ongoing stability in their lives.     

    I know that my purpose in life is creating miracles for both myself and others and, I know that the Wheel is very aligned to this purpose.  On a personal note, I always wear my Wheel, and I always feel enveloped in love and energized even at the end of my day.”

For more information on Renée’s healing sessions, visit her Website at www.trustinmiracles.com.


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