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Wheel of Life Pendant

for Power Healing

“By testing with NTT (Nambudripad’s Testing Techniques) and AK (Applied Kinesiological testing) on my patients, I have discovered that when one finds the Wheel (five varieties) suitable to one’s energy field, it is capable of reducing the intensity of allergic reactions if it is worn close to the body.  The Wheel of Life pendant also helps to improve one’s physical energy and mental clarity by bringing the energy meridians into a Yin-Yang state of balance.”
- Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C., L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D. Author of Say Goodbye to Illness and Living Pain Free


Shield yourself from
Negative Emotions

Defend yourself from electromagnetic
fields or
Electrical Energies.

Stop or reduce pain
Live Pain Free.

Protect yourself
from Psychic Attack.

“My aura jumped out 60 ft.  This is fabulous.”  - Terry Cole-Whitaker, TV minister, author of  Love and Power in a World Without Limits.

“My chakras began spinning and then went into balance after putting on my Wheel.”  - Steven Segal, actor

“The Wheel of Life is the perfect companion to my healing practice. Once I have raised my clients into higher vibrational frequencies and cleared them of negative energy,  the Wheel provides them with ongoing, long-term stability.”
- Renée Ilene Swisko, Spiritual Healer,
Trust in Miracles

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The Wheel of Life pendulum is not intended as a substitute for medical attention.